Random SP Lab Notes

During the course of doing all of the INE labs I end up breaking a LOT of things… like a LOT. That’s all part of the “fun” though! As fun as it is I can’t say that I enjoy making the same mistake more than once. So when I come across a config that I can’t seem to remember, or a concept that I seem to continually forget, or even just a point that I think may be relevant for the lab or real life, I make a point to write it down. I write down, in my own words, a quick blurb that makes sense to me to help describe whats going on. Often these notepads end up with some colorful language (as is standard for me), but I think it really helps to commit things to memory for me. It also is usually way easier for me to go back and read a quick blurb in my own words to help jog my memory. So anyway, I figured I’d post up a link, maybe my silly notes will be helpful for somebody!

Heres my favorite… because I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve probably done this ten times, and spent hours of time troubleshooting why a VPN wouldn’t work — all because I couldn’t seem to remember that “AS Override” is a thing!

For the love of god man — remember that AS Fracking Override is a thing!!

Linky to the rest: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yr6kg8alk333i0r/Notes.rtf

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