Tidbit: ACI and 9k Updates

I got to hang out today for a while at the local Cisco office for the ACI Roadshow. After my ridiculous notes from the SE bootcamp I won’t bother to get into too much detail in this post, but I wanted to do a quick post about some of the interesting things I heard today.

  • Shipping ACI supports the Icehouse release of Redhat KVM — I think this was pending as of the last posts I wrote
  • ACI with KVM leverages Openstack; specifically there is an ACI Neutron driver as well as OVS drivers to configure VLANs/VXLANs in OVS
  • Hyper-V is still pending at this point — AVS is coming as well
  • AVS is now shipping in ‘phase 1’ — basically this phase has to send traffic that transits between EPGs up to a leaf node. ‘Phase 2’ is going to add support for the AVS to switch traffic (and perform contract type stuff) locally on the hypervisor
  • While it’s an option, there doesn’t seem to be any ACI+Openstack integrations happening yet. In fact one of the SEs mentioned he has a customer that deployed Openstack and is now trying to get rid of it! (not with ACI, but was interesting to me)
  • Remote physical and virtual leafs are coming! Not exactly soon, but it’s looking like by mid next year this will be a reality. Additionally, around the same time frame there will be support for Inter-ACI communication — meaning an ACI domain in San Francisco can be ‘linked’ to the DR site ACI domain in Raleigh, and EPG/Application profile definitions could be shared (I think; this is obviously a ways out but thats what i got out of the talk surrounding this)
  • If the APIC dies, VMs can still vMotion and have their application profiles follow them — this isn’t new, but I thought it was good to call out. Basically the leafs just track this via ARP/GARP and the profiles follow. Obviously if the APIC cluster is totally dead no new configurations are going to be made — just like 1000v and VSM
  • An ACI domain can be extended over CWDM/DWDM/Dark fiber — the magic number at the moment is 30km, not nearly enough to have a single APIC manage a primary and backup DC, but cool if you have a campus and have two data centers that you want managed under a single APIC
  • Software is targeted to be released every three months for maintenance releases, and every six months for feature releases
  • Next major features to be added Q3CY15: native IPv6 support, routing support for eBGP, EIGRP, and OSPF, support for vSphere 6

Also some good information about NX-OS mode Nexus 9ks.

  • VXLAN routing coming in January!
  • BGP control plane support also coming in January
  • SFLOW is coming mid next year
  • This one is weird, but apparently the mid next year release will also include NAT… I have no idea why, but I guess thats pretty cool

All in all some good stuff in the pipe. I’m most stoked about the NX-OS mode VXLAN enhancements coming so soon since I have some customers that will be able to take advantage of that right away. Also I have a crush on VXLAN… which you already know if you’ve read anything else I’ve written ever 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tidbit: ACI and 9k Updates

    • There is a plan yes. But it will likely only be to partners at least for a while and im not sure of exact timelines… They keep saying “soon” though!

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